Author: Sue
•12:30 PM

So my friend Craig went digging looking for the elusive Ant Lion at his house and he found one!
Here are some pictures he took of them. Craig says they are 1/4 inches long. They're not easy to find. He used a can of compressed air and gently blew out the dust in the pit. So if you have nothing else to do today why don't you try to find one at your house!
Personally I have no idea where to start and they look rather frightening! I wonder if they bite?
I'll stick to taking pictures of all the butterflies that have been visiting me lately!

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On September 2, 2013 at 2:24 PM , Anonymous said...

I love to plant and work in gardens, but afraid
of little creatures probably since moving to Florida and stepping into so many fireant holes.
My feet swell to these creatures and I itch for weeks.
It is keeping me from gardening more but love neighbors beautiful landscaping. Hoping my cone shaped dirt hill creatures are antlions and don't multiply.