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•2:14 PM

Not all bugs are bad; like my friend the Praying Mantis who just paid me a visit! I let them hang out with me because I am fascinated by their looks and behaviors! This one was perched on our Kirkland Brand Chicken Wraps Box! This prompted me to snap a picture of him and share it with everyone.  So now I must ramble on about Good Bugs!


Praying Mantis love to eat moths, crickets, grasshoppers, flies and other bugs I don’t know about! They have even been known to eat each other! Yuck!

Lady Bugs

We also have my friend the Lady Bug! Not only do they bring us good luck but they devour those nasty Aphids I hate and they are cute!


Spiders are your most important predators on insects. They kill more insects than all the other predators combined.


They pollinate all our flowers!


They eat mosquitoes, aphids and other pest bugs.


I know there are many other bugs out there that are good for our Gardens but I need you to tell me and our fellow Gardeners who they are!

So be careful who you spray they may become your best friends

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On July 5, 2009 at 4:35 PM , Siva Afi said...

there are only a few garden bugs that I like to see in my garden, but I now have learned alot from your blog that I appreciate others that you have written about..