Author: Sue
•7:48 AM
How dare they! Armies of little ants marching over my keyboard, spilling over my Monitor, crawling through the disarray on my desktop appearing from no where ready for battle. Why not the kitchen? Why my sacred domain? This morning I sit at my computer with the fresh scent of Ortho Home Defense in my nostrils, sipping my coffee and trying to make sense of it all. By the end of my first battle I leave scores of dead ants scattered about my now cleared off space. If nothing else good comes out of it at least my desktop has finally been cleaned. As I sit here typing I see fresh warriors surfacing for battle. I see that those insect repellents you plug into the wall are not doing their job or are the ants simply too clever to be bothered by them? Where are those Ant lions when you need them? I suppose I need to go outside and try to find the source of their entry... but for now I shall try to enjoy my coffee and share some quality time with my new found friends. 
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