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•4:42 PM

Macro photography of Snail, taken on the hills...Image via Wikipedia

The snails are taking over! They hide by day and formulate their attacks then creep out in the darkness and feast on all my plants! Someone told me to put beer in a pie tin and leave it for them. So I stole a can of my hubbies beer and hid bowls of it in the bushes. Maybe they didn't like the brand but the beer was still there and my plants were leafless much to my horror! Not to mention my husband is wondering who is drinking all his beer! LOL So tell me anyone what works for you!
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On July 13, 2009 at 9:18 AM , Anonymous said...

We were mean little kids and used to catch snails and put salt on them. It might work to put some rock salt around a plants stem and it isnt that expensive. I dont know the long term effects of salt in the garden.